Sketch dump for tonight!!! It was kind of a night of “let me draw things I generally do not draw.”

1. Dipeon. Yup. Oops. No, really. Confession - most of my ships are canon and those that aren’t I tend to feel a little odd about. BUT ok headcanon time: the Pyramid Guy and Star have long since been buddies but are rather mischievous so they decided to, uh, play with their toys. I like to think Gideon and Dipper really hate each other, but there’s, uh, that unseen hand. Yup. Oops.

2. I kept listening to La Resistance so get these two. Trying out some sketching coloring stuff. Fun fact, South Park was my closet weeb phase ahaaa

3. Headcanon - the actual Gobblewonker is very friendly.

4. Ok multiple parts. Bit of Depravity Falls in the center there. Testing out lighting on the far right. I support werecat Dipper. Bonus werewolf Mabel. She’s not much of a typical werewolf. Dipper just gets either really pissy or really cuddly. Like a cat.